Callie came into our lives on Sunday, May 6th. Ann had been wanting to get a Yorkie and after Cynnamon left us, she began to look at newspaper ads. That Sunday she saw one for a 7 Month old Yokie. The people lived only a couple miles from us. After we visited with them, it was pretty apparent that Callie was going home with us. She soon became an important part of our family.

Gynger has had a hard time accepting the fact that she is no longer the sole center of attention. However, she and Callie are starting to get along better. Callie has so much energy. Gynger comes to me and wants me to pick her up so she can have a moment of peace and quiet. Here is a QuickTime movie of them playing together.

This summer, everyday after I returned home from golf, there was a surprise waiting for me. We tried as hard as we could to make sure everything was put up, but she always found something to get into.

One Morning I came home to find this.