(April 17, 1994)

We got Gynger in Fort Worth. I remember when we went to pick her up she was the shy one and as all the other little puppies came out to see who was visiting, she would disappear back to the shelter of her doghouse. When we brought Gynger home, Cynnamon just totally ignored her. Cynnamon would act like she didn't even exist; she totally snubbed her. We went over to Ann's brother's house and took the dog's with us. While we visiting in the backyard; Cynnamon used her nose and pushed Gynger all over the place. She would even roll her over. Ann said I should stop her, but I said to let them continue that Cynnamon was just showing Gynger who the boss was. (Dominance) After this the two dogs seemed to get along pretty well. Gynger is definately a one man's dog. She is always around me. I remember once I was plumbing under the sink and Gynger was resting comfortably on top of my legs. Gynger has come to know me better than I know myself. She can anticipate where I'm going next and will be there waiting for me. Whether it is going to the mailbox or the computer room or the bedroom to take my afternoon nap; Gynger always anticipates my every move. I can't be sitting in a chair watching tv without Gynger wanting to get up there with me.