TJ was Ann's dog when we got married, but it didn't take long for him to take a liking to me. I always called him either "TJ the DJ" or "Toe Licker". TJ was a Chihuahua. TJ was always so excited when Ann's Mom would come over. She paid him so much attention. When we moved to our house on Harvard, TJ had a very hard time getting used to the privacy fence. He was used to a chain link fence that he could see out of. TJ always stayed outside. He really didn't like to be in the house. On real cold nights we would bring him into the laundry room, but that made him miserable. I finally rigged up a heat lamp in his doghouse. I remember one summer going to the Homeland where Region 16 is now located and buying one of those huge sub sandwiches. As I was eating it I would give the bread and some meat to TJ. When I was finished I gave him the whole sandwich in two inch slices. At first he ate all of them and then settled for only the meat. He was so fat, it was hilarious. We had never heard that chocolate was bad for dogs and we would give him M&M's. I'm sure that didn't help his health any. TJ died after Thanksgiving in 1988.