I bought Woodstock when I was a senior in college. He was a very furry Saint Benard. As a puppy he was quite a "chick magnet". I remember walking with him over to the hamburger stand and all the girls flocking over to pet him. We lived in a trailer only two blocks away from the campus. After I graduated we moved to Amarillo and lived in an apartment. Woodstock stayed in the bathroom during the day while I was training as an insurance agent. I soon took him to Follett and "pawned" him off on my parents. I went back home about six weeks later and there was this huge dog in the backyard. I thought for sure that Woodstock had died and that they had replaced him with another one. But they assured me it was the same dog. Woodstock went with me for my first teaching/coaching job in Sabinal. I rented a garage over apartment and I built a fence around the backyard to keep him in. I arranged a pulley system so I could let food down to him in the morning. He spent the night in the apartment with me. One winter morning I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I must have forgot to lock the door because I heard the door open and a guy holler. I flipped on the light and there was Woodstock sniffing up the guy. He said he was terribly sorry that he must have the wrong place. I told him he sure did. After visiting Follett for Spring Break, I headed back to Sabinal. About 30 minutes from Paducah, Woodstock became very agitated. He always rode in the front seat with me. I pushed him away several times. Then he couldn't hold it any longer. Crap flew in the backseat and all over the front seat. He had a terrible case of diarrhea. It smelled horrible. I drove with my head out the window the remaining 30 miles to Paducah were my friend was administrator of the hospital. We got the disinfectant cleaners and went to work. One summer I was helping roof the neighbors house when I noticed the electric meter reader enter the back gate. I watched as he went to read the meter and Woodstock came up behind him. I can still see his eyes bulge out when he turned around to see a hundred fifty pound dog behind him. After I went to Kress to coach, Woodstock stayed in Follett with my parents. He eventually developed hip problems and had to get a shot every week. When Dad called him, he would come and back up for his shot. Eventually his hip became much worse and he had to be put down.