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In order to better serve the libraries that have ordered my book, I have made the book available in PDF format and as a Powerpoint presentation. This will make it possible for you to download to your computer for presentation to your students using a multimedia projector. If you did not order the book, please feel free to download either format and evaluate.

To download Callie in PDF  Click Here

To download Callie as a Powerpoint presentation Click Here

The PDF version is free to those that have purchased the book. If you choose not to order the book and would still like to use the PDF version for your classes the cost is $5.00.  This enables you full ownership for your library or school campus. District liscenses are available as well. Cost is determined by the number of campuses in your district.

Payment may be made by Paypal


Brad Riffel

8114 Victory  Dr.

Amarillo, TX 79119

Books may be ordered from the above address at a cost of $10.00 each plus $2.00 shipping. Additional books on the same order do not incur a shipping charge. To order books using PayPal click here:

Books may also be ordered from:

http://www.authorhouse.com/BookStore at a cost of $9.99 plus $6.60 shipping.

The book is also available from the following at slightly higher prices:

Barnes and Noble, Borders Bookstores, and Amazon.

I can be contacted at brad.riffel@suddenlink.net