Weiner Nationals

Two Losers

On August 17 the Weiner Nationals were held in Amarillo during the 3rd Inning of the Amarillo Dilla game. We registered the dogs the Sunday prior to the race at the Weinersnitzel. The preliminaries were held at 5:30 before the game at 7:00. There were 60 Weiner dogs entered. They had 8 heats. Cynnamon was number 38 and Gynger was in the next heat number 45. They would put the dogs in a starting gate. Then they would put all the dogs in the gate and raise the gate. The dogs were to go about 30 yards down the track to the finish line. Most did not. Most went around the gate to the Master that put them in. Both Cynnamon and Gynger were spooked by all the hollering going on. Neither of them would run down the track to the other one waiting for them at the finish. They are just a couple of losers.

After the race we went in to the game and watched the Ball game. They had the finals during the 3rd inning. One dog broke out of the gate and ran all the way down the track. He veered off course by about two feet. He was in lane 1 and didn't go between the cones or he would have won. Another dog was about 6 yards behind him and did go between the cones and won it.

Holly enjoyed the game as she got her picture taken with the Amarillo Dilla and also the Weiner Dog. They had Sumo wrestling during the second inning.

The Dillas were behind when we left. We made the dogs run home (about 7 miles) for punishment for not winning. (Not Really)

Oh Well, there is always next year.