Two Dogs and a Mac This was the first web page that I created. I made it back in 1996. I listed it on several search engines and it had over ten thousand hits before the counter quit.

Dog Cam View Callie as she sits on the couch and  watches for other dogs or the squirrel.

Weiner Nationals This site shows our two Dachshund's "competing" with other Dachshund's for a trip to San Deigo.

Purple Martins For the past seven years I have had a purple martin house up at my house. We have been real fortunate to have several nesting pairs. The first year we lost some to heat. This past year we lost some due to the cold weather we had in March. I have attached an unedited quicktime clip showing the birds when the young have just fledged. To play the clip, click here

Trip Reports:

The dogs that have owned me.

Growing up in Follett, Texas I created a short video from some of the photos taken while I was growing up. Click here to view it.

Poker: We tend to think poker is a modern day invention with all of the media coverage on television. I have created a short clip of pictures taken off the Library of Congress web site that shows gambling in the past. Click here to view it.

Hoof Prints: Most people that live in Amarillo or visit, see the various horse statues located all across Amarillo. This was a project that started in 2002 and today has well over one hundred horses. As part of a workshop we attended at Region 16 Service center, we were to select something that made Amarillo unique. We chose the horses. Here is a link to view our project.

Callie: The Missing Book: After serving for a year as an Elementary Librarian, I saw the need to write a book that addressed a librarian's worst nightmare, mis-shelved books.  Writing and publishing this turned into quite an experience. You can view a  PDF of the book here